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Disappointed new customer...

Thread needs solution
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It was with a good deal of disappointment that I have installed our brand new Acronis products only to learn that we cannot back up our Exhcange 2010 environment. Shame on this end user for not making sure first, but hey, Ex2010 has been a released product for over 2 years now so who would think to check?

It is a bit troubling to see that Ex2010 is still not supported, meanwhile Microsoft has just this week announced that they are working on the next version of Exchange to launch alongside the next version of Office.

Is there any update besides "soon"? This is an alarming feature to have missing in an otherwise outstanding product!


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You're a new customer. Think of us old customers who have been waiting for 2 years!!

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Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

We have created a sticky thread where your questions can be answered by one of our Program Managers regarding Exchange 2010 support.

Feel free to post your questions/suggestions there.

Thank you.