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Image completes and reboots 2 times but comes up with unknown account login name

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I have an interesting issue, when I deploy my image to a pc and or multiple pcs it deploys successfully but once it sas its done rebooting and waits at the Ctrl + Alt + Del screen I press the keys to log into the system then it comes up with username A117 and more jumbled numbers after that. It asks for a password and I have tried the local admin account password with no luck. Am I missing something or did I not configure something correctly to get this weird account login pop up?

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Hello jah8887,

Thank you for your posting! I've only found one mention of a similar issue https://forum.acronis.com/forum/acronis-snap-deploy-5/win-10-pro-v1703-odd-admin-account-created You may want contacting the OP to find out, whether they have managed to get the issue resolved and how.