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SD5 Trial - Fail to boot Ubuntu Linux after multicast session [Edited]

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Hi all 

I'm testing out the Snap Deploy 5 for deploying Ubuntu img on 2 machines in multicast way (100s pcs in a near further). All components were loaded to PXE, pcs were configured and were ready for deployment. 
After 30 mins I found that the deployment result is successful but unfortunately I couldn't boot Ubuntu on any of my pcs.
What the interesting is, if I will use True Image to recover disk from the same master image I can boot Linux without any issues. 
[edited] Master image was done using Agent on bootable USB on exactly the same machine.

What can be wrong? 


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This sounds exactly like an issue we faced. It's an EXT4 capture bug.

Have you tried using build 1924 (see stickied post)? Support said this build contained a fix for this bug and it did fix it for us.

Make sure you captured the image with 1924 as well.