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Files To Transfer & Run + Network Driver Installation.

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I have templates that have "Files to Transfer" and then these are set to run after transfer.

The parameter in use is to run a script that gets transferred using powershell.

Issue is, this script calls for files that need to be updated over the internet or access data on the internet (such as teamviewer host installation which uses API Tokens to join to our teamviewer account and policies). Now i am looking at agent deploy logs, and it looks like files transfer & run BEFORE the driver installation step of "Universal Restore" runs.

Which means, the device has no internet/network to utilise certain functions of the scripts i use.

Can this be changed so the deployment runs acronis unviversal restore first?

Seems like a flaw in the order a deployment is run.





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Hello Michael,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

The software works as it is designed:

 files are transferred to all target machines after the deployment but before the Universal Deploy is applied.

To run the file after it is transferred, select the Run the file on target machines check box. The file will run when Windows first starts on the target machine.

As in your case, you will need to write a script that will initiate file transfer after Windows is started.