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Destination disk greyed out

Thread needs solution
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Using a promo version of Acronis True Image ver.2015 that I receive inside a new Samsung SSD, have an image of a win10 pro created with ver.11, trying to restore this image to a dell laptop with a intel 240GB SSD drive, Booting in legacy mode using USB bootable. Also tried using CD. Everything goes okay until it gets to the screen to choose the destination disk (240GB SSD) and it is greyed out, unable to choose it. I have done many restores before with other images but this is a win10 image and to a intel SSD which I have not used before. Not sure why there's not some sort of error message or a popup that alerts me with a reason the drive is not usable or selectable. So that's why I came here. Any help would be appreciated. The image is aprox. 21Gb with several partitions.

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Bruce, welcome to these public User Forums.

You free OEM version of Acronis True Image supplied with your Samsung SSD is a restricted version that is tied to working only with drives from the same manufacturer, hence it does not want to recognise your Intel SSD as a destination.

The full commercial version of Acronis True Image does not have these restrictions but is also not free, though you can normally download a 30-day Trial version to try out.

See KB 2768: Trial version limitations of Acronis products - for if you consider that route.

See KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products - which has more information and links to a comparison between these and the full version of the product.