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Fast erease is fast as a turtle

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Recovery an Image with Acronis 2015 to a brand new hardware. I was choosing GPT instead MBR. That was wrong. I was needing to erease the partition fast for beginning recovery with MBR, also i startet fast erease. But the word fast is really a joke. Not seconds, not minutes, hours, maybe days are needing zu erease, the partition. Thats absolutely not helpfull. And the absolutely shit is, I had taken the SSD, but Acronis has ereased also my Stick with the Acronis and the image in the same run with the SSD. 


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Unfortunately you decided to use the wrong tool to achieve what you wanted.

It is many years since I have used ATI 2016 but my recollection is that when you do a recovery you can specify if it ist to be MBR or GPT. Try doing the recovery again and see if you are presented with the appropriate option.

If that does not work do a internet search for change GPT to MBR.


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I'm not fully understanding the need to erase, not why, one would simply not restore the image with the proper  method again to save time? How you boot Acronis rescue media determines the disk layout. Boot rescue media in legacy mode and it deploys the image as legacy / MBR. Boot it in Uefi and it deploys the image as UEFI / gpt.

That said, you can convert a legacy image to gpt and it will be bootable, but can't go from gpt to legacy and be bootable.

If you need up the deployment, just do it again, but boot the rescue media correctly the next time. Much faster and simpler than wiping the disk and converting with another tool. Still not sure why the disk is being cleaned at all here.