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Backup files are a mess

Thread needs solution
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Hey all,

I've been running a full backup for several years now, and it seems ATI is getting mixed-up on the file names. At least I can't figure out what it's doing, and I've read the docs on the bN_sX_vY naming convention. Here's a directory listing for the last few weeks:

531G    Nov 22 06:06     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s2_v1-3.tib
6.3G    Nov 20 01:08     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s2_v1-2.tib
519G    Nov 19 13:33     Entire_PC_full_b14_s1_v1-2.tib
4.8G    Nov 18 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s10_v1.tib
3.4G    Nov 17 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s9_v1.tib
2.3G    Nov 16 07:57     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s8_v1.tib
 22G    Nov 15 21:40     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v1-2.tib

1.3G    Oct 19 06:11     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v1.tib
                  was    Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v3.tib

---- Moved
 16M    Oct 19 02:37     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v2-2.tib
688M    Oct 19 02:32     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v1-2.tib
180M    Oct 18 12:25     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v2.tib
132M    Oct 18 10:02     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v1.tib

2.5G    Oct 17 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s6_v1.tib
3.0G    Oct 16 01:27     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s5_v1.tib
2.9G    Oct 15 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s4_v1.tib
6.7G    Oct 14 01:06     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s3_v1.tib
 31G    Oct 13 01:12     Entire_PC_inc_b14_s2_v1.tib
518G    Oct 12 02:40     Entire_PC_full_b14_s1_v1.tib
1.4G    Oct 11 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s15_v1.tib
6.3G    Oct 10 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s14_v1.tib
3.9G    Oct  8 01:06     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s13_v1.tib
 33G    Oct  7 01:11     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s12_v1.tib
3.6G    Oct  6 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s11_v1.tib
2.8G    Oct  5 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s10_v1.tib
1.9G    Oct  4 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s9_v1.tib
2.7G    Oct  3 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s8_v1.tib
 23G    Oct  2 01:08     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s7_v1.tib
4.0G    Oct  1 01:06     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s6_v1.tib
4.8G    Sep 30 01:16     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s5_v1.tib
2.7G    Sep 29 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s4_v1.tib
3.1G    Sep 28 01:05     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s3_v1.tib
2.4G    Sep 27 01:04     Entire_PC_inc_b13_s2_v1.tib
518G    Sep 26 02:40     Entire_PC_full_b13_s1_v1.tib

Backup chain 13 seems just fine. You can see the initial full backup, and each of the 15 incremental versions. Chain 14 got broken somehow around version 7, however. The file sizes are way too small, and ATI thought at some point it needed to create a new volume. I can only assume that a backup was running at a time when I needed to reboot my PC, but I would hope that it would be a tad smarter on how to handle the files.

Regardless, I tried to restore a file, but it complained about a missing TIB. The only way I could get it to proceed was to rename the 'Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v3.tib' to 'Entire_PC_inc_b14_s7_v1.tib', and move the other S7 versions to a different directory. I'm assuming those previous S7 versions were orphaned and can be safely deleted, but a confirmation would be nice.

The scheduler service was apparently stopped for nearly a month, but when it started back up, instead of beginning on 'b14_s8_v1', it created 'b14_s7_v1-2', then 'b14_s8_v1' the next day. On the next full backup, though, it re-used chain 'b14', which doesn't make any sense. Any ideas what's going on?

The most recent incremental is due to migrating/restoring to a new PC. I didn't create a new backup, and forgot to stop the schedule, so it's essentially a full backup, even though it's technically an incremental.

How can I delete the most recent incremental, while still retaining the backup integrity? How do I force it to start a new chain ('b15')?

Is there a way to see what files ATI is looking for in a chain? Does it keep track of the previous file somewhere? How does it know which TIBs are associated with which chains?

Ultimately, I just want to clean up some of my old backups, but I need to be able to get to some of the existing chains.



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Brad, given that you are using a much older version of ATI with 2016, then you do not have the new tool that Acronis brought to the party with ATI 2019 and later versions.  The new Clean up versions tool provides an easier method of removing / managing older backups whilst also keeping the internal tracking database fully updated with the status of backup files.

For your scenario, my personal recommendation would be to either create a new backup task or else clone the existing task to keep the same settings, but in either case, give the new / cloned task a different / unique name that hasn't been used before, and start off a fresh series of backup files.

Once you have established the new backup task, then use the Delete option for the original task but just remove the task settings & task from the ATI GUI, leaving the files behind.  Those files can then be managed via Explorer and older chains deleted as needed.

Note: you should not delete or rename backup files via Explorer if they belong to a task that is shown in the ATI GUI - doing so will cause the errors you are seeing due to missing files that are recorded in the internal tracking database but not found on disk.