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Mounting a Backup in WRITE Mode

Thread needs solution
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I don't find this function anymore - why? It was very usefull to add/delete/replace important files before a restore. Also it is impossible now to gain access to protected folders of a mounted drive - I often needed this option! Please give it back!!!

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I have raised the same issue during the beta stage of ATIH 2016, but so far it seems only a minority of people - or even none - recognized a problem here, especially with inaccessible folders in mounted TIB files.


It's a really a problem Acronis.

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Hi Ken, Karl,
I've created a relevant change request relatively long ago, but so far we've received really few customers' requests regarding this feature.
Anyway, it will be considered by work on future versions.
Thank you,

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Hi Anna,

I agree with Ken & Karl. This feature would be a massive help.

Like so many other products I've been involved with over the years. The number of people requesting the return of the old functionality is not a reflection of a lack of interest. More likely those that find this function is missing just move on to looking for a different product. They don't see the value in contacting you / raising a change request as it's not going to help them in the short to medium term and they are time poor.

I hope you do return this functionality. It's incremental "dumbing down" of products like this that eventually kill them off. ... ahh the old days when Dr Norton products ruled the had few if any competitors... decades ago. :-(

Let's keep things positive. Acronis has some outstanding products on the whole & I expect we're all grateful they are on the market. Many thanks!

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Hello Sharif,

thank you for your honest feedback! I've added it to the existing feature request.