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Clicking BACKUP NOW button on Backup screen does FULL backup even if SCHEME=Incremental, correct?

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Just a clarification.


I keep getting FULL backups even though I have the Scheme set to "Incremental + full ever 20 incrementals", scheduled for Tues and Thurs's.

I suspect that when I click The BACKUP NOW on teh Backup screen (lower right button) it's doing a FULL backup, rather than just executing the next scheduled backup, right?


UX suggestion: Change that button (or put a tooltip on it "Full Backup")

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Clay, this is no my experience with ATIH 2017 and using an Incremental backup scheme.

The first backup is always going to be a Full backup as it must be.

Subsequent backups are then Incremental up to the criteria selected for when the next full backup should be created.

If you are only seeing Full backups and have defined the scheme to be Incremental, then there is an issue here and you will need to look at the messages that are being written to the backup 'service' logs - use the Log File Viewer app (link below).

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If you run a full and go in and mess with the script and save, you have reset the version chain and it will run a full again.  Make sure to run a couple of backups without making any changes to the backup task as editing the backup task always resets the version chain.  If that isn't the issue, then the service logs are definitely the place to start. If you want to post some of the most recent service logs and some snapshots of your scheduled settings, that would help too.