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Is Secure Zone blockiing a boot from DVD??

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I want to test the latest Linux. When I restart the computer with the .iso file in the DVD player, the DVD runs, light flashing,  until the Acronis notice that the UEFI loader has started and waits for me to select Secure Zone load, then the DVD stops loading anything and after a while Windows starts as usual.  I have re-downloded and made 3 DVDs.   Any suggestions?

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Jon, welcome to these public User Forums.

There is no boot prompt for Acronis Secure Zone as this is simply a special type of FAT32 partition on your hard disk.

What you may be seeing is the Acronis F11 prompt for the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager (ASRM) but this should have no effect on your ability to boot from other media.

You can test this very easily by disabling ASRM for a time while you try one of your Linux distros again.

You may also wish to try using a USB stick instead of optical media for the Linux distro.