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Important change for Advanced Acronis Media Builder starting with Windows 10 1809

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Hi community,

if anyone wants to create an advanced recovery media using ADK be aware that the instructions in Acronis 2017 and 2018 are no longer valid.


Microsoft has decided to seperate WinPE from ADK. A reason may be that this is better for servicing, means the WinPE get changes more often than the other part of the ADK this would save install / uninstall time of future semi-annual released but that's just my guess.


However in change to Acronis instructions you need to download the ADK and WinPE

This does not change the components needed, as mentioned in Acronis.

So you still need only the "Deployment Tools" Component from ADK

and the separate WinPE download and setup. I hope Acronis will fix these instructions in a future patch



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p.s. this might be worth a sticky, unless instructions are changed in ATIH.

I've seen people on the web reporting about their desperate searches for the WinPE option in the ADK :), even in businesses - for imaging purposes.

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As far as I can see Acronis has already implemented this small change in the latest 2019 build. Thank you!