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Recovery Failure

Thread needs solution
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Hi All,

My hdd has failed yesterday and I am restoring the Acronis TIB2019 backup files to my new HDD Replacement

I have successfully recover the OS Windows partition. However, I have issue of recovering the Data Partition. It gave the message that my Tib File is corrupted  as shown on the attachment.

I have also try to mount the Tib, Files, but still giving out the errors. 

When i did the backup, i did verify the acronis file and it is fine. however, when yesterday, i tried to verify again, then it gives me an error. I manage to get some log files during validation period as shown below. 

I have tried most of the possibilities and still not working.

Can help to advise and suggest how to fix this tib files ?

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Tyler, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but no attachments or images found for your post above.

Please can you clarify how many backup images are involved here in this recovery?

Are your OS & Data backups in separate backup .tib files, or all together in one file?

How are you doing the recovery?  Are you booting from the ATI 2019 Rescue Media or doing this from within Windows?

Have you captured any log files for the recovery attempt?