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3 clone image 1 disk

Thread needs solution
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I have a 3 license True Image

What I want to do is to create 3 clone image of each of my system using an external hard drive

As I understand, I will select Clone Disk (under Tools) and follow the instruction.

It mentionne that it will create a bootable hard drive with the image

My question, can I create a bootable hard drive (same hard drive) with the 3 clone system image inside and if I have to restore the image, depending of the system, I will boot the system with the hard drive and select the appropriate clone image.

Or I have to create 3 differents images with 3 differents hard drive (bit more expensif)

what will be the best pratice for what I want to do

thank you for your time



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Phil, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please take time and read KB 1540: Difference between Backup and Disk Clone - to get a better understanding of these two backup methods, which will answer your question to show that you can use Backup to do what you ask, but cannot use Clone to do this!

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Hi Steve

If I understand, I have to create a Backup file (.tib) and from that I will be able to restore my corrupt system at that point.

I can create 3 .tib files (from each system). 

I cannot find how to restore the backup file if I have to change the hard drive or just restore complete the system

thank you for your time


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Philippe, just to cover some points here:

If using ATI 2020 to create Disks & Partitions backups (required for a bare-metal recovery) these will use .tibx format backup files (not .tib files).

To be able to Recover your 3 separate computer systems, you first need to understand how each computer boots into the Windows OS, whether this is the same for all computers or if you have a mix of different boot modes being used?

To check this: run the command: msinfo32 from within Windows, then look at the BIOS mode shown in the right side panel of the output report.  This should show either UEFI for newer computer systems, and Legacy (or a disk make/model) for older computers.

Next, you should create the Acronis Rescue Media on a USB stick or DVD disc and test that you understand how to use this to boot each of your 3 computers using the same BIOS mode that the OS uses on each computer.

See KB 63226: Acronis True Image 2020: how to create bootable media

KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

KB 63295: Acronis True Image 2020: How to restore your computer with WinPE-based or WinRE-based media

When doing the restore of your backup, this needs to be done as a Disk & Partition restore and at the top Disk selection level.

Please see forum topic: [How to] recover an entire disk backup - and in particular the attached PDF document which shows a step-by-step tutorial for doing this type of recovery / restore.