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All Tasks stopped working and are now corrupt

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Hi there, nearly all my customers ATI backuptasks stopped working around 18th of October, wether its 2017,2018, 2019 or 2020 version. I checked 17 machines, the tasks are corrupt and I dont know what went wrong - what a mess. I went to the tasksettings and what can I say, various settings are gone. As I tried to correct them, ATI wont save the changes. So, I deleted the faulty tasks and made it new, but ATI still does not what configured. I do have more than 50 customers workin with ATI, and I have no idea which Tasks still work or not because email notification also stopped working. Shame on you Acronis for such a messy software. I really dont know what happened but its very curios that so many machines stopped working at the same time. How shall I explain that mess to my clients and how to justify that. Please give me advice on how to reset the software to factory settings.

Anybody else having this behaviour?


Yours Alex

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Alex, many users have reported an issue which looks to have happened on Oct 22nd and caused backup tasks to be reset to default settings, i.e. Incremental, no automatic cleanup, no notifications etc.

See forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss - where I have been colating details of different users hitting this issue!

Note: try stopping / disabling the Acronis MMS service for your situation as advised by user Erik who also had a computer where the settings were reset after being corrected!

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Could you, please, ask your customers to send us feedback with system report attached? (if they would not mind, of course)

It needs to be investigated.


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Nein - der sogenannte Workaround hilft leider gar nicht.


Bitte dort lesen ab #4

No - the so-called workaround doesn't help at all.

Please read there from #4