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True Image 2020 Fails to Launch

Thread needs solution
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For a while now, my True Image 2020 has failed to launch past 'Applying User Settings' on the splash screen. Once in a while it does manage it, but I can't see any logic or pattern to it. Most times it does manage to launch, it then crashes again.
I had the same issue on both my main pc and laptop. I managed to resolve the laptop last night by disabling the Nahimic software, but my main pc does not have this.
I have tried a complete uninstall and reinstall and running in both Win7 and Win8 Compatibility modes, none of which has resolved the issue.
The O/S is Win10 Pro with an i7-4790K and 32Gb RAM. NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card.
Any suggestions gratefully recieved as I've exhausted my searches for possible other solutions.
Many thanks

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Hello Brian,

I have found the crash dump that you have sent through the application, thank you!

I will direct message you the custom build from this topic https://forum.acronis.com/forum/acronis-true-image-2020-forum/crash-and…