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Acronis True Image Echo Server (Build ) - File record corrupted Error?

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We have been using Acronis True Image Echo Server for quite awhile on our Windows 2008 server. When we try to run Acronis from the GUI, we get an "Operation with partition "0-0" was terminated. Details: File record corrupted (0x70019) TAG = 0xEF8B1618A4C0DD9E" error. We've run ckdisk, both fixing the file system and bad block, but no joy. All other file system checkers look okay too. Is there anything anybody can suggest that we can do? The server runs fine, so i'm stating to suspect that it's an issue with Acronis. Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have the same problem : impossible to clone my hard disk.
A clone operation should not deal with file system error!
To overcome this issue, i used le FREE partition wizard edited by MiniTool...
I attach the report created by AcronisReport.
Question : what shoud i correct on my file system (Windows 8.1 32 bits).

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Hello Roland,

according to the attached report you have file system errors on both disks. Please run chkdsk DISK: /f/r to repair them.

Besides, please note that Acronis True Image Echo doesn't support Windows 8.1.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your interest concerning my issue. Here is my feedback :

1. Of course I tried to run chkdsk /f /r : no error detected. Same result running spinrite. The process has been going on for several hours...

2. Of course TI detects the same error on my two disks since that were cloned (with the clone feature of MiniTool).

3. I deleted the recovery partition (which resided on my disk) inherited from a previous Vista installation which was no longer usefull and reorganized my disk with MiniTool's disk wizard and now i have only a C: partition on my disk : since this operation cloning with TI fails (before it was ok).

Best regards

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Attempting to back up from one disk to another, after running an hour or two i get this error also:
File record corrupted (0x70019), Tag = 0xEF8B1618A4C0DD9E

I was able to get this report that suggests there is an error in one partition:
PS Speed IFace Hs-Bs-Tg Model
Num NT L9NO Size FSsize Free FS Type Label ABCHSV Error
---- ----- ---- ----- ----- ----- ------ --------------- ----------- ------ ----------
1- d(0) MBR 932G 1K SATA 2-0-0 ST1000DM003-1CH162
-1 p(1) --CC 76G 76G 24G NTFS 07 NTFS, HPFS SataXP..... ACC--v
-2 p(2) --DD 1.9G 1.9G 1.9G NTFS 07 NTFS, HPFS Sata-D..... -CC--v
-3 p(3) CCEE 11G 11G 4.6G FAT32 0C FAT32 LBA SATA-W2000. -CC--v
-4 table 0F Extended LBA ------
-5 p(4) DDFF 253G 253G 74G FAT32 0B FAT32 SATA-WORK.. -CC--v
-6 p(5) --GG 590G 590G 0b NTFS 07 NTFS, HPFS ........... -EE--v File record corrupted
2.5M free ------

I tried a few things on this partition based on posts found here and elsewhere:
- windows disk check sees no issue
- chkdsk /r/f - a few hours, finds nothing
- note the report above also does not show the volume label for p(5) correctly, it is Sata-Media

I have tried a few versions of seagate disk wizard (by acronis).

20141102 Seagate Tools backup of entire Sata750 to Sata2TB - WORKED - Seagate Disk Wizard (2008), 20101021, 11.0 build 8236
20141101 Seagate Tools backup of entire Sata750 to Sata2TB - FAILED - Seagate Disk Wizard, v16.0.5840
20140630 Seagate Tools backup of entire Sata750 to Sata2TB - WORKED - Seagate Disk Wizard (2008), 20101021, 11.0 build 8236
20140630 Seagate Tools backup of entire Sata750 to Sata2TB - FAILED - Seagate Disk Wizard, 20131227, build 14387

So using the very old build (8236) works. Two newer builds both fail. Once copied, I can boot without issue from the copy.

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Sorry but I am having the same problem ,other than the pos runs 6.5 hours only to report failure at the end of that time. So are you saying you ran the seagate tools to fix the disk and that worked or are you saying you used the seagate tools to restore the disk?
Thank You for any response because trueimage found it had no problem destroying the files and file structure on my disk, just decided after doing so it can not restore from my backup that it validates as ok.