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Errors-Ignore Bad Sectors

Thread needs solution
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  • I know there is at least one bad sector. My backup attempt failed (Couldn't read). What kind of back up can I expect with the block checked to ignore bad sectors.? When it's complete will it validate. Once restored will it boot to Windows?
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Maybe, perhaps, possibly.

Depends on how bad the disk is and what, if anything, may be corrupted due to the bad blocks/sectors.  If you ignore bad sectors, they won't be included - they're ignored.  However, what's on that bad sector, is anyone's guess. When you ignore it, whatever is on it will be ignored and skipped and won't be in the backup.  If it's someting trivial (like a log file) won't hurt anything.  If it's something important, like a bootloader, you could have a problem. 

You should run chkdsk /f /r on your drive which may help identify the bad blocks/sectors and possibly repair and move the data to good locations first.  There's no guarantee that corruption has not occured already, but if the bad black/sector is minimal, in most likelihood, a chkdsk /f /r would help resolve things and your backups would be fine.