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FREE to use: A Backup Plan document for home user or small business user

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I documented my implementation plan for ATI2009 on my Home Network and I include it as a starting point for any Home User with simple needs or Small Business with 1 to 5 work stations with also simple needs. Print and modify to suit your needs.

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Hello Superdoug3,

Thank you for using [[http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/ | Acronis True Image Home 2009]]

Thank you for taking time to contact us and for sharing your backup plan, much appreciated.

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Hello Superdoug3,

I've checked your implementation plan and found it really impressive - pretty solid and detailed. Thank you a lot for sharing it.

You implementation plan provided me with the idea of some kind of special page that will be used for useful guides, case studies and information blocks created by Forum community members.

Thank you a lot.

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Your are Welcome Michael. In your Special Page, you should request submissions be in PDF format, as not everyone has MS word and PDF comes up much quicker than MS word.

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I'm sure beginners would welcome a link to the guides GroverH from the old forum had in his signature. Speaking of whom, I wonder how come he hasn't made it over here yet - unless he is using another name.

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6 month review status added at end

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A bow to a superior backup plan by Grover for the majority of the users here.
I agree that my backup plan is too complicated for most, but for my users it works well.
At the time, 2009, there was no comprehensive plan posted on the Forum, so I put my on.

If you are a power user (fast computer and lots of bulk storage) I suggest looking at this thread for Grover's simple and safe backup plan

I chose my plan because my users have 10 year old Pentium 4 computers with 40 GB HDD. They never have to worry about backup, defrag, or scan for Antivirus, Sypware etc. If you are a small business with many users on old computers, take a look at my plan.