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ATI2021 MacOS to NFS share issue

Thread needs solution
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I was looking through this forum for some answer to my issue with ATI 2021. I'm now testing the ATI 2021 in trial mode for 30 days on my MacBook with Big Sur.

I realized that I cannot create full computer backup onto a network share. I have tried SMB and NFS and both failed from different reasons.

Regarding the shares privileges... I was able to map them and read/write without any issue. So it shouldn't be a permission issue.

Here is the log I get when I start the backup job with the NFS share as the destination:

2021-04-14T14:21:35:322+02:00 4638404096 I00000000: -----
2021-04-14T14:21:35:322+02:00 4638404096 I00000000: ATI Demon started. Version:
2021-04-14T14:21:35:330+02:00 4638404096 I013C0006: 94F2E775-94C3-48BE-B3AE-377CF3DC312D
2021-04-14T14:21:35:338+02:00 4638404096 I00640002: Operace Jakub - MacBook Pro byla spuštěna ručně.
2021-04-14T14:21:35:387+02:00 4638404096 I013C0000: Operace: Zálohovat
2021-04-14T14:21:35:388+02:00 4638404096 I0064000B: Priorita změněna na Nízká
2021-04-14T14:21:36:644+02:00 4638404096 E00040019: Error 0x40019: Při zálohování se vyskytla chyba.
| uroven sledovani: chyba
| line: 0xaa33a143c434a5fd
| soubor: /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ati-main-mac-ati/394/product/home/backup_worker/impl/backup_worker.cpp:175
| funkce: ReturnCodeToError
| line: 0xaa33a143c434a5fd, /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ati-main-mac-ati/394/product/home/backup_worker/impl/backup_worker.cpp:175, ReturnCodeToError
| Archive3Code: 0x138d
| Name: 
| $module: ti_demon_macia64_39229
2021-04-14T14:21:37:582+02:00 4638404096 E013C0005: Error 0x13c0005: Operace byla dokončena s chybami.
| uroven sledovani: chyba
| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcedb
| soubor: /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ati-main-mac-ati/394/product/products/imager/demon/main.cpp:741
| funkce: main
| line: 0x9f2c53c72e8bcedb, /Users/hudson_agent/bs_hudson/workspace/ati-main-mac-ati/394/product/products/imager/demon/main.cpp:741, main
| $module: ti_demon_macia64_39229

The behavior while using SMB share as the destination was different. When I started the backup job, then credentials dialog appeared, but no credentials were accepted. But again, I was able to read/write from/to the SMB share directly from my MacBook.

I hope this will be resolved within the trial period, so I can consider full version.

Thank you, Jakub

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Hello Jakub,

thank you for your posting! The error message is rather generic and doesn't point to the root cause of the issue. If the general troubleshooting steps

1. Reboot the target storage and Mac
2. Verify that the specified credentials for the shares are correct by testing the connection
3. Check the read\write permissions for the shares

didn't help, I'd suggest raising a support ticket for investigation, so that our engineers can check the log files and find the root cause. If you have time, please share the solution here for other users to find it.