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"Pause Backup" actually means cancel backup?

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Just wanted to clarify behaviour of the "Pause Backup" button.
What does this button does?

When I'm "pausing" backup using this button, subsequent backup starts from beginning.

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Hello Sergey Kostrukov.

The expected behavior is that backing up actually paused when you press "Pause" button. After you press to continue the backup, Acronis True Image for Mac first checks what have been already backed up. During this process you can see progress bar moving from 0% to the point, where backing up was paused. This may seem like back up process started from very beginning. But in fact you may notice that progress bar is moving much faster than if it was regular backing up as it is a reading operation.

Thank you.

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I paused my backup and now I can't get it to resume.  The box is not highlighted green to resume and there is a moving circle next to the name of the backup "thinking" I have restarted my computer numerous times and nothing changes. HELP!


Also, I have not been able to complete 1 full backup.  This runs for days (2) and still it is not even 50% complete!!

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Barbie, I would contact technical support directly and open up a case with them for troubleshooting.  Acronis 2016 and newer, now all have 2 years of support from the original release date.  If you're within that time frame of the version you own, you should put it to use. 


If you reboot the system or restart acronis (when you can - that's why I suggest a reboot) if Acronis is stuck calculating for some reason, can you start the backup then?

Where are you backing up to - Cloud, local network storage, a USB drive?  How much data are you backing up?  If it's a local backup, is it using USB3.0 or 2.0.  All of these will make a differfence.  Cloud backups will be especially slow as they are based on UPLOAD speed and not download speeds.  In most cases, that is 1/10th of your download speed (so let's say you're getting 30MB down, you'd only be getting a maximum of 3MB up and chanceds are it would be less than that in reality).  If you are uploading at 3Mbps and have hundreds of gigabytes or data to upload, it's going to take days to the Cloud.  I really don't know your setup, so can't say the issue, but these are things to be aware of.  Local backups tend to go much faster, especially when using faster devices such as USB 3.0 hard drives that are connected to USB 3.0 USB ports.  

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Barbie, just ask for money back and return this crapware.

Don't rely you backups on this piece of garbage.