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Update triggered format, full data loss - Backup and data partition gone - I need help

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[this is a repost of a topic posted in another forum: another member pointed me to this dedicated Mac forum]

The latest update of Acronis True Image for Mac triggered a message saying I also needed to update the bootable rescue disk partition. It then said it needed to format that disk. I did not see this as a warning that the entire disk, incl. data partition, backup partition, and rescue disk partition would be completely formatted, without any safeguard to all existing data on it.

I now find myself in a full data loss situation and can't seem to recover any of what was stored on my disk.

As you can understand, I am somewhat frustrated with the situation, and with myself for routinely clicking OK without paying attention to what should have been a blaring big red warning sign. Desperation is knocking on my door. I'm afraid I completely lost my data.

The details of it:

  •     Acronis True Image 2021 v25.8.39229
  •     macOS Catalina v10.15.7 (19H524) - 500GB HD
  •     Seagate 2TB Backup Plus

The disk was set up as follows:

  •     Data partition: contained surplus data files as accessible backup
  •     Backup partition: contained bi-weekly TIB backup
  •     Rescue disk partition: created at initial Acronis set-up

Faintly hoping that there is some magical trick or tool that lets me go back in time...

Maybe I totally missed the warning signs, maybe I was in a hurry, but shouldn't a backup solution such as Acronis True Image at least have a second warning ("Are you sure you really want to format the entire disk?"), or give the option to temporarily save existing TIB data somewhere else, before it starts to format a disk?

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Hello Roland,

sorry to know about this frustrating experience! I've passed this topic to the product management for review (internal ID of change request  TI-224173 Acronis Survival Kit: add explicit warning about target drive formatting). I totally agree that some extra mechanism of preserving the data would help to avoid situation like this.