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Do's & Don'ts--Hints to help prevent issues with your TIB backup files creation.

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Do's & Don'ts--Hints to help prevent issues with your TIB backup files creation. Written prior to version 2015.

Things you can do to help your backup tasks to run without issues. Do take the time to read some of the user help.

1. AT backup task creation time, Use Windows Disk Management and assign a specific drive letter to the external target disk being used for storage. If multiple storage disks being used, each target disk needs its own backup task and its own specific different target letter. Letters such as x or y or z work best as they do not interfere with the normal Windows letter creation. Have the target disk attached with the desired letter assigned before creating the backup task. Each TI backup task ties itself to one storage target disk ID and backups will fail if target disk changed.
If target disk is changed within a working task, use the MOVE option found within each task settings. The MOVE option will move the files from old location to the new location. If this is not practical, start a new task pointing to a new disk.

GH6. How to use the MOVE backup option to relocate storage folder.

2. Once the backup task has been created and in use, make no further changes to the task configuration. if changes needed, stop using the old task and create a new task pointing to a new storage folder or sub-folder and with a new name for the backup task. Schedule changes can be done from the main menu without using the "edit settings" option.

GH1. How to change a backup task from scheduled to "Do Not Schedule".
GH2. How to enable a backup task schedule or change a schedule time..

3. Non-scheduled backup tasks are achievable. 2014 will force a new task to be scheduled unless the user overrules the settings with each new task.
Here is how to overrule so the new task is created as "non-scheduled."

GH3. How to create a 2014 non-scheduled backup task on the first try.

4. When selecting the type backup scheme, don't accept the default settings. Create you own custom settings so you can include "cleanup settings."
Here are 3 examples. Each is a custom scheme with automatic cleanup. Adjust the settings of how many chains you want to keep. Do take time to read the illustration with each example so you know "what/when" as to what to expect as to when the automatic deletions will begin.

GH11. Create Custom Full Backup Scheme.Keep 4 versions (chains). The 4 is user choice.
GH12. Create Custom Incremental Backup Scheme. 6 Inc, Keep 4 chains. The 6-4 is user choice.
Note/example: If rule selected is "Delete older than 7 days" is selected, deletion will not begin until the first chain (7 files) is completed and entire chain is older than 7 days.
GH13. Create Custom Differential Backup Scheme. 2 Diff, Keep 2 chains. The 2-2 is user choice.
GH14. Custom Differential Backup Scheme . 6 Diff, Keep 4 chains. & folder

Note: if cleanup options selected
The deletion rules will not be applied until the indicated number of backup chains has exceeded your preset value of how many chains to keep.

4A. My personal recommendation is to avoid the options which involve "consolidation". Avoid any option which involves the merging of data to reduce the size of backups. Items such as disk size limit or elapsed days limits involve consolidation and I avoid these settings.

4B. Trouble-shooting problems with backup tasks.

5. Understand the difference between differential and incremental type backups.
GH25. Understanding differences between Inc and Dif for Safety

6. To remove a single task (keeping the tib backup files) from the main menu of listed tasks
GH20. Remove Single Task from Task Menu Listing

7. Repeat backups of the same data do not need a new task for each backup.
GH4. Illustrate Manual Backup Now option or Repeat backups.

8. Learn where all the features are located.
GH57. Assorted task features.

9. Learn difference between the default "Partition Mode" backups and the more preferred "Select Disk Mode" backups.
GH58. Difference between Partition Mode & Select Disk Mode backups.

10. Lots more usable help found at this next link. Yes, there is much there but it's worth the reading time.

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