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Grover's How to Register or Download verson 2013-2014 Files.

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Log into your Acronis account and register your products or download installation or ISO files.

Figure 0=Login from the main acronis website, or

Figure 1= Login from the Acronis forum in upper right corner under Support Header

Figure 2= Click the login option.

Figure 3= Sign in with your Acronis e-mail and password.

Figure 4=User Registration of your purchased or trial sotware is a requirement before files can be downloaded from your personal account. To register your serial number, begin here.

Figure 5= To Access your download files, begin here.

Figure 6= To download TrueImage main program, begin here.

Figure 7= To download the TrueImage bootable ISO file only, begin here.
A TI Recovery CD can be created from this iso file without the installation of the progam.

Figure 8= To download the documentation files, begin here.

Figure 8B= 2013 version forum -Help references from along the margin of the 2013 Web Page.

Figure 9= Web Help--Assorted how to's.

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An informative extract from user Les Seiler. Thank you. Nice Posting.

This is a discussion by Les on how to uninstall or reinstall a TrueImage version.

If you've got the software already, you can just install 2014 over 2013. However, you will still need your old serial number handy as the upgrade asks for your old one when you install.

NOTE: Some people find that installation over the old version does not work for them. If you run into trouble, or just want to avoid that whole scenario, just uninstall 2013 beforehand. For many people, just going to your Programs and Features (Add and Remove Programs in XP) works just fine. For others, however, the uninstall software doesn't seem to get everything. It is highly recommended that after you run the program's uninstall feature, you also run the TIH Cleanup Utility. See http://kb.acronis.com/content/34876 After that, use the downloaded software to install. It will ask you for your old serial number and new serial number, so be prepared. It's easiest to cut and paste.

Note 2:
According to their latest video, Acronis recommends that version 2012 and prior be unistalled and the TI Cleanup utility be run.
Note the instruction comments inside the Cleanup utility kb article.

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