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Acronis MassTransit 8.2 release

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Dear Acronis Community,

Acronis MassTransit 8.2 is now available.

- The MassTransit Assistant for Mac is now 64-bit
- The MassTransit Web Plugin is now compatible with macOS 10.5 Catalina
- Improved SFTP client stability
- Added support for Windows Server 2019
- Added support for PHP 7.4

- Fixed an error 500 accessing the Download Page
  Fixed a HTTP 500 error which could be seen when sending large number of files to a WebClient contact when trying to reach the "Download" page from a browser.
- Fixed an installation issue with Mozilla Firefox browser extension
  Due to the fact that Firefox 74 stopped supporting sideloading extensions, the MassTransit Firefox extension was republished.

- Notification about MassTransit plug-in compatibility [Mac]
  The MassTransit Plug-in page clarifies the current MassTransit plug-in compatibility status for Mac users.
- macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 : Compatible with Chrome and Firefox.

Release notes are available here:

Lifecycle page is updated: https://www.acronis.com/en-us/support/lifecycle/mobility.html

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