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Migrate Easy 7.0 Boot Problem

Thread needs solution
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Dell Inspiron 1720

Wanted to replace my original 160 gb with a western digital 500gb. This is how I assumed it would work:
Execute Acronis Migrate Easy
I Chose automatic-figured I couldn't screw that up
I thought it would replace my C: and D: drive and make my new drive that I placed in the 2nd bay C: and D: and erase the original in bay 1. Instead it made the new drive F: and G: and didn't erase C: and D: on the original.
Now I am having all kinds of boot problems. I have removed the original drive and replaced the new drive in the first bay-wouldn't boot.
I left the new drive in bay 2 and removed the original drive in bay 1-wouldn't boot.
The only way I can get the OS to boot is with both drives in and hit F12 and select drive 2 to boot from, and that is only working half the time. I have changed the BIOS to boot from the 2nd before the first, and even deselected the first drive from the boot menu to see if that worked and it doesn't.

I need a way out of this. What I intended to do was to replace the original 160 gb drive with a 500 gb. Then add another 500 gb to the second drive as additional storage. I need to correct this ASAP. I also have the second additional 500 gb drive sitting around if that will help.


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Dell machines can be a bit of a handful for this type of thing - Dell don't like people fiddling with their machines. :(

Have you made the bootable rescue CD?

I suspect the BCD (I'm assuming here you are running Vista or W7) is out of wack and pointing to the wrong place for the booting files. If you are using XP then editing the boot.ini file should solve the problem.

As your clone didn't work the first time, if you have some imaging software it would be a good idea to make a copy of your drive, just in case.

I suggest the following.

1. Insert the new 500GB drive into the laptop.

2. Insert the original 160GB drive into an external case or laptop dock if that is what you are using.

3. Boot from the rescue CD - this will be in a Linux environment so drive letters won't look the same as in Windows.

4. Clone from the external to the internal.


5. Leave partitions as they were this time around.

6. Once cloned, remove the external drive from the laptop, and reboot.

If that works then all that has to happen is to resize the new drive. This can be done either by performing the above steps but selecting proportional as the clone type or by using a disk editor..

I don't have ME7 itself, but I believe it is the same as the clone function in TIH11 and Disk Director.