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Thread needs solution
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I need to compare the files in two backups.  I tried to use the command prompt in Windows 7 Pro, but that did not work.  Can someone advise how to do this?


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Ila, the easiest way to do what you ask would be as follows:

Note: this assumes that you are working with Disk & Partitions backup .tib files.  It will not work with Files & Folders backup .tib files as these cannot be Mounted to a drive letter as contain no partition constructs!

Open Windows Explorer to the location where your 2 backup .tib files are stored.

Mount each .tib file to a new drive letter.

Use any normal Windows sync or comparison tool to compare the files or folders for the 2 drive letters.

If you only have Files & Folders backup .tib files, then you would need to extract or copy the folders hosting the files to be compared to a temporary location, then do the compare from there.