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Why does Acronis nake it as difficult as possible to ask a question?

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I am not very technically adapt and as a result I am not even sure that I ever had Acronis installed.  That didn't bother me until in the space of a couple of weeks I received five Emails from Acronis each one with a "No reply" stuck at the front of the Acronis Email address thereby making it impossible to reply and ensuring that I got the message that Acronis couldn't give a stuff for customer contact.  I then spent over an hour attempting to make contact with Acronis customer care with absolutely no success so it appears Acronis have rigged the system so that the only Acronis based contact I can make is with a group of amateurs to ask the question, "How does one make contact with Customer Service?  As a potentially paying customer I resent that.  I would say to the Forum, Please do not feel insulted because the only group that deserves insulting are the Acronis senior management.  

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Dear Brian,

First and foremost, please accept my apologies for the bad experience! How could we help you? Feel free to post your questions on forum https://forum.acronis.com/node/add/forum or contact me in a private message (click on Send message near my profile) and I'll be happy to help! 

Regarding the customer service - Acronis provides support for all pre-sales and customer care inquiries free of charge. To raise a presales\customer care support ticket, open https://www.acronis.com/support/contact-us/ and then choose "Trial/Presales/Activation/Privacy/Licensing question".