11426: ABR10AW Recently Updated?

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I see from the website and hear from support a new release for ABR10 happend June 4. I was told the build number has not changed, but the new download includes some installation fixes. As long as you download the product after this date, you have the latest installation. Can Acronis comment on this? Are we expecting a new build number or not? The MD5 checksum for the installation file is the same both before and after this date.

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Hello JBswift,

Thank you for your post. I will definitely help you.

I am sorry for the confusion, please let me explain.

Build 11639 for Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 was released in April 13. A few days later, a small update was released for Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 Small Business Server, it was build 11647 and it came out in April 17th.

There was a small issue with the German version of build 11639, although the build number was the same, there were some issues with the installation files which were resolved the next day. We suggested to our customers to re-download the latest build with the correct files.

After that, Acronis bootable media was updated on May 21st and since then, we had no updates.

You can always track progress of updates released here.

I am sorry if we provided you with the incorrect information.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you.


Anton Deev

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