128380: Backup successful with Warning: Code 5,966,003(0x5B08B3)

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The list of mailboxes only will be included to the data catalog during backup.
Additional info:
Error code: 2227
Module: 91
LineInfo: f2a0ae1094a88f79
Fields:  $module : arx_agent_fork_vs_50058
Message: The list of mailboxes only will be included to the data catalog during backup.
Error code: 2244
Module: 91
LineInfo: 32daa98ec0fe3d61
Fields:  IsReturnCode : 1, $module : arx_agent_fork_vs_50058
Message: The mailbox database of user '******\*********' is not available.
Error code: 22
Module: 309
LineInfo: 8d165e86fb819666
Fields:  TraceLevel : 1, $module : exchange_management_vsa64_50058
Message: TOL: Failed to execute the command. The Managing Microsoft Exchange server command performs specific management operations with Microsoft Exchange server.
Error code: 1059
Module: 91
LineInfo: acf6dc4c960b8d11
Fields:  $module : exchange_management_vsa64_50058
Message: The Exchange management operation has failed.
Error code: 1067
Module: 91
LineInfo: 2a578575733b302c
Fields:  $module : exchange_management_vsa64_50058
Message: An error has occurred while requesting information about database '9042B15C-8FB7-4A7D-BDE2-51D1EF7D4EF7'.
Error code: 1057
Module: 91
LineInfo: 8de328702e57f683
Fields:  $module : exchange_management_vsa64_50058
Message: Failed to find database '9042B15C-8FB7-4A7D-BDE2-51D1EF7D4EF7'.

Backing up Microsoft Exchange Information Store
VSS: Software - System Provider
Personal Unmanaged Vault on a network share.
Exchange 2012
Windows Server 2012

If I edit the task and lower the Microsoft Exchange metadata collection to the lowest setting the backup is successful with no warnings. However I can't recover a single email

Troubleshooting steps thus far.

1. Recreate the task.
2. Adjust the amount of metadata
3. Change the vault to a local personal vault instead of a network share
4. Restarted the Acronis Services
5. Restarted the VM
6. Verified the permissions on the service accounts.
7. Confirmed circular logging in disabled.

I ran across this KB https://kb.acronis.com/content/33029 thoughts?

If this doesn't resolve the issue does anyone have any ideas on where to go from here besides another product?

Products: 11.7 Acronis Backup Advanced for Exchange
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Hello Lost,

From your case history I see, that the described issue is already inder investigation by our expert team. It'd be great, if you could share the outcome with the community, as the issue seems to be a tricky one. 

Thank you!


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