128689: Acronis scheduled backup running twice

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Jason Kendall
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So I have Acronis configured to run every day at 1am. Recently I noticed I am now getting two notifications saying that it backed up twice (See attached screen shot of notification). Anyone have any ideas why it's configured to run 1x daily and it's running 2x???

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Pull your screenshot since it has your personal email unless you like spam. Better to be safe than sorry. At least edit that part out.

Can't  really say based off of just that shot what the issue might be. Are you backing up more than one drive, maybe it's running against one and then another? 

If you could post screenshots of all the backup job settings, it might help.

Otherwise, I'd open a support case with Acronis directly if this is a bug. Logs may show something else, but I'm not familiar with the MAC version.


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