15299: What's the #GDATA.Trash.Store# folder section for?

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Karl Pritchard
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There is a folder on my hard drive labelled #GDATA.Trash.Store#. I didn't know where this came from until I was clearing out some old backups prior to making a new one. Acronis accessed this folder for information, so I believe that Acronis created and owns this folder. This folder is 4 gigs big, with 70 sub-folders, all with names like {0B8B68C6-E0E2-466E-8658-E3A032239494}. These are all Read-Only. What are they, are they needed, and so on.

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I don't think that is an Acronis folder. From a web search, it looks like it could be from G Data Antivirus, InternetSecurity or TotalCare.


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