18859: Using Acronis to convert from IDE to AHCI

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Lody J. Claessen
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Hi all,
I am in the process of changing over three harddisks from IDE to AHCI control.
My question is :
Is it possible to create a backup from an IDE controlled harddisk and then later write that backup to an AHCI controlled disk.??

It's probably not possible, but if it is, it will save me a lot of aggrivation having to reinstall Windows and a gazillion of applications.

Thanks in advance.

Pat L
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If you restore a system containing an IDE driver to a system changed to AHCI, there is a high risk you will get a blue screen at reboot time.
I had different behaviors:
- I got a blue screen changing IDE to RAID (with another imaging software) for the system disk, and another one when I used some file-based backup solution to reinstall Windows from the RAID to IDE.
- but Windows correctly installed the driver when I changed my non-system eSata drive from IDE to RAID.

There is not much you risk if you try, except if your backup goes wrong. It is easily to switch the controller back and forth. If it doesn't work, get the Plus Pack.

With the Plus Pack, you can restore to dissimilar hardware. At restore time, you can point ATI to the new driver and that should work.


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Assuming you have your AHCI drivers installed on you ide system, ther should be no problem. If you do not, it will not work. I tried it



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My way is to follow this procedure before backup