20183: How to make a tib file boot automaticely without the bootable rescue media ?

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mounir celtic
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Hello everybody and thanks for this awsome collection of softwares ..
my question is about acronis true image home 2010 .. the copy is for a friend of mine, we did create a backup file for his computer (.tib ) but everytime we need to restore the systeme we need the bootable rescue media (wich we puted in a flash USB ) so the .tib file could boot to restore the systeme.
i'm wonderning if there is a way so we could burn that .tib file in a way to use it as a windows installation CD wich boot automaticaly without any help of a bootable rescue media ?
thanks guys and keep on the good work (annnnnnnnnnd sorry for my eastern english loool ).

Pat L
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Hi Mounir,

No, there is no way to boot on a TIB file. You might be able to convert the TIB to VHD and make this VHD bootable http://www.windowsvalley.com/create-a-bootable-windows-7-vhd-virtual-har...

I didn't try.


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