22158: Removal issues with ABS, build 7040

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Virgil Britt
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I was going to remove Acronis True Image that was included as part of the ABS package and re-install a full stand alone ATI 2011, build 7160 application. The removal went as expected requiring a reboot upon removal. My system is a I7-950 with 6GB of ram running on Windows 7, 64 bit, SP1.

When I installed the full version of ATI 2011 I was not prompted for my serial number. Instead the installation proceeded without any interruptions. I performed a custom installation so that I could remove the Online Backup feature since ABS would not permit it's removal. When the software finished the installation I found that the serial number from the ABS ATI application was used for the stand alone version of ATI 2011.

What seems to be happening is that ABS is not cleaning out the serial number information when it is removed. Then ATI 2011 is not prompting for the correct serial number when it is being installed and uses the ABS serial number instead.