25838: Universal Restore with a tib file created with an older version

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David Joslin
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I have True Image 2011 with the Plus Pack. I have a backup of an old PC that was created with True Image v11. The PC has died and I was wondering if I could restored the backup onto a new PC using my 2011 bootable CD with the Plus Pack. Will universal restore work with backups created with older versions of True Image (v11 in this case)?


Pat L
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In theory it will work. The image itself is not linked to the Universal Restore function. Universal Restore is a bit like slipstreaming drivers into an OS install. As long ATI 2011 can restore the image, you can try.

BTW, you can actually try. Do a first restore without activation Universal Restore. If the restore completes, your computer might not boot without a BSOD, but you know that the image is OK.


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