25912: Disk Director 11 Advanced - Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic doesn't work?

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Lars Lundgren
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We are running a Dell server with Windows 2003 Server SP2 64-bit and a Direct Attached Storage (DAS). The DAS has 22TB of storage, but a mirroring accidently copied over on cluster level, ending up with a 16TB storage due to the mirrored storage used a 4KB cluster size.
The storage is working as it is today, but we would like to use all bytes available.

Problem 1: We need to convert the cluster size from 4KB to 8KB to be able to use the full capacity (22TB).
Problem 2: We need to convert the storage from Dynamic Disk to Basic.
Problem 3: Disk Director 11 Advanced shows the storage as "Basic GPT, 21.83TB, Healthy", but the only options available are "Convert to dynamic" and "Convert to MBR". DDA doesn't show any NTFS partitions etc. for this storage, but the local storage is shown correctly.

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What type of drive is Disk Management saying it is?

I'm not sure if it will let you do what you want, but you could try booting to the DDA CD and selecting to use the "Bootable Media environment" Disk layout option.


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Lars Lundgren
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Hi, MudCrab!

It's a Dynamic disk, but "Disk Management" is currently not available because we use Symantec's "Veritas Enterprise Administrator" which has taken over the control over "Disk Management".

I was in contact with Acronis support and they thought that the Symantecs "Veritas Enterprise Administrator" is probably blocking DDA from fully running and advised me to uninstall it.
Today we had to format the storage and manually change it to correct cluster size because we couldn't wait any longer.

We have another storage with the same setup that also has the same problem, a cluster size of 4KB (=max 16TB available) instead of 8KB (=can use all available storage, 22TB). The problem was caused by a disk mirroring that kept the cluster size.
This storage is more critical and has data that must not be lost when converting the cluster size.
If you are wondering why we don't instead restore from backup then the simple answer is that this is the storage for backup...
I will check if it's possible to uninstall Symantecs "Veritas Enterprise Administrator" without breaking anything.


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Hi Lars Lundgren

Here is an some old posts I made in 2005-2006 on Wilders Security Forums [Old Acronis Forums]

Their READ-ONLY now:- http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=250972

HOWTO: Convert a dynamic disk back to a basic disk without data loss:


I hope this will be of help to you.

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Gabriel Ciurescu
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We are running two Wndows 2008 SRVR machines in a cluster (EMC AutoStart) and I am interested if somebody is using Acronis Advanced Backup and Recovery (or else) solution in this environment ( or NEC cluster ). I would like to know if the recovery process is fast and requires minimal intervention.

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