29024: Windows 7 Ultimate won't accept Acronis True Image 10

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I am informed by my system that I cannot install Acronis 10 as there is no digitally signed driver. This is the first attempt at using the programme since purchase (My stuff has been in storage) so I am reasonably annoyed. As there is no longer support for this "version", could sks advisehow to proceed. I do not wish to upgrade or spend more money on a product that I have yet to use.

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TI 10 doesn't support Windows 7 and shouldn't be installed on it. You would need to upgrade to TI 2010 or later for Windows 7 support. TI 10 was released in 2006, so it's pretty old in software-years. You could try contacting an Acronis Moderator and see if they would be able/willing to help you.


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ATI10 was a great version -- the best Acronis made, imo. But it couldn't handle Vista well -- the Vista support was built into the next year's version, ATI11. And W7 support didn't come until two versions later. You might not want to spend more money but if you have a newer machine, you will need newer tools. Even older versions of office products don't work well (and some don't work at all) under a OS for which they were not designed and need to be updated. It' an unhappy fact that the flip side of progress is obsolesence.


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