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Apan Basu
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I found the information on how to do the back up. Now I am trying to schedule cloneing a drive to an external drive. It gives me a message the destination drive contains some partitions and that could contain useful data. Click Ok to confirm deletion of the partitions.
My question is: Will the deletion of partition delete the data in that partition?
This drive is my main back-up drive. I donot want to loose any information stored in this drive.
What should I do now?
This is the first time I am using the forum. I do not see any key as "Post" I am clicking the Save button. Hopefully that will post this post. Is there a way I could get a notification when ther is an answer?

Scott Hieber
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Yes, delete, means it will delete the partition, so anything int the partition goes out with the bath water.

Check out:

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you do not want to use the clone procedure, It is for making forcing a target disk to the the same as the source disk. Two disks alike.
Most likely, what you want to do is to make a backup of your system so it can be restored or recreated when needed. Check this link for how to create a backup task in order to create an actual backup.