30913: How to start full or incremental backup manually?

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what I want to do:
Sometimes I want to make full backups from my drive, and often I want do incremental backups. So I need 2 buttons for my backup-job: 'Full' and 'Incremental' .

But I do not want a automatic fixed backup scheme like 1 full, 5 incremental, 1 full, 5 incremtental.... I want to decide when to make a full and when to make a incremental backup. (Why? Because full backups takes a long time and I will start this only on days when I don't need my computer.)

How can I do this without configuring a backup-job for each backup?

Thanks for help!

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The trick you can use is the following: when you want to run a full backup,
- move all existing backups files to a new folder on the same backup drive, manually using Windows Explorer, or with the Chain2Gen tool,
- run your backup task. When ATI will see there is "no" backup there, it will create full.


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