38338: TI 2013 Recovery Disk does not see USB Flash Drive

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Jim Grimes
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When booting from my just-created Recovery Disk, Acronis 2013 does not see a 6 gb usb Seagate Flash Drive which I need to back up. I have been unable to correct this problem. However, when selecting the backup's destination drive, this flash drive shows up. The machine is an HP Pavilion d4990y 32 bit desktop, running Windows 7 32 bit. It has 2 internal SATA hard drives, 1 external Seagate Firewire Hard Drive, and the afore-mentioned 6 gb Seagate usb Flash Drive.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Pat L
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Not many options to try:
- plug the drive directly into a port of the computer, not into a hub, monitor, etc
- plug the drive in a back port rather than a front one
- make sure the drive is plugged in when you boot on the recovery CD.


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