38539: Image failed to verify with ACCESS DENIED

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Zoran Soldo
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I bay new laptop Samsung NP700Z5C-S03CA with windows 8 and with Acronis 2013 free licence 30 days I I make backup on externe hdd 2TB over usb 3.0 ....everything has gone ok...
I then divided the disc...after the restart does not want to raise Windows..
So I solved that back system with Acronis...But I got an error....Image failed to verify with ACCESS DENIED
Press any key to continune???
I would like to advise what to do

Windows 8 x64
P03ABJ Bios version
bios way UEFI
Samsung I7 3635QM

Colin B
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Are you able to actually boot into your Windows?

When are you seeing the error message and are you trying to run a validation of the image?

Are you able to mount or Explore the image?

Have you tried plugging your USB drive into a USB 2.0 port instead.



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Zoran Soldo
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Successfully returned all ... my fault ... I'm not in the BIOS switch on / off a couple of items

Thank you for your assistance in