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I successfully installed Acronis True Image Beta 2014 -Product version on Win 8 PC.
then, I tried to install Acronis True Image 2014 Media Add-Ons Installer -Product version
(Downloaded from ftp://as1fyziaob:ek5pk0qitv@cftp.acronis.com/ ).
Acronis True Image 2014 Media Add-Ons Installer did installed but with exceptions which are :
1). Media Add-on installed without any serial number or premium serial number , and I don't know why it is so.
2). In About True Image , it doesn't show that Media Add-Ons pack is installed, why ?
3). Attached Image for above.
4). Is the Media Add-On Build Media Add-Ons Installer -Product version is the latest build or not ?
5). Since Acronis True Image Beta 2014 -Product version is , is it correct to install Media Add-Ons Installer -Product version which is of older build ?
Please see and provide resolution.
Thank you.

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Sergey Britvin
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Hello akshay ht.

Thank you for taking part in our beta program and for takin your time contacting us.
Please excuse the belated reply.

Here are comments on your topic:

1. Installation of Add-on does not need a serial number, it just a component, which can be installed additively to True Image and contains WinPE and BartPe media builder. But you need a Premium serial number, in order to use Add-on, Acronis Universal restore and to be able to work with dynamic disks. So, the described situation is correct. Please see user guide pp. 8: http://download.acronis.com/pdf/ATIH2014_userguide_en-US.pdf

2, 3. In "About" you can find information, if you have basic or "Premium" version.

4, 5. The latest available beta version of Media Add-on is 3025. And it is correct to use it.

Kind regards,


Sergey Britvin

Acronis QA Team