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Are there any issues running 2009 on a 64 bit computer running Vista? I had Ghost 14, but after I installed it, my DVD drives didn't show up anymore. I had to uninstall and then delete some registry high and low filters.

I see there are posts about 2010 and BSOD. That makes me a little nervous. Hopefully 2009 is more stable.

Also, I have a backup program on my pc called PCBackup 10. I like to use it because I can backup just the files I want. Would I have to remove this if I want to install True Image 2009?


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Hello kev914,

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Acronis true Image Home 2010 fully supports Windows Vista x64. The issue you are talking about concerning BSOD after install has already been fixed and will be available in the next build of the program.

Acronis true Image Home 2010 may work incorrectly in case other backup/restore solution is installed. I may recommend you download free trial version of the program and test it.


Dmitry Nikolaev

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I.e, Acronis recognized the prob and never fixed it in ATI 12/2009 but claims to have fixed it in ATI 13/2009, so you have to newgrade to ATI 13/2010 if you want the fix. Is that a deal or what?

What about next builds of ATI 12/2009? Based on history, I wouldn't expect Acronis to release any more builds of ATI 12/2009 now that it has released a newer version. Time has yet to tell if the newgrade is an upgrade or a downgrade.


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