8199: True Image Home 2010 Operation has Completed With Errors

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Carl Lackey
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Windows XP SP3 + all updates.
I have been running unattended DIFF system drive backups for two months.
Last night I got email notice, and Log entry True Image Home 2010 Operation has Completed With Errors.

I can not find detail on the error. Nothing in the Windows System or Application logs. either.

Target for images is another internal hard drive with 269 GB free space. Drive is three months old.

Error occurred after "Saving Partition Structure", then "....Consolidate Backup Location ... Destination: ...etc.

The last three log entries all have identical time stamps.
Acronis Help "Error Handling" took me to the log, but I was expecting more information that one word "Error". I have snooped as best I can and can't find more information. How do I handle this?