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Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 is now available!

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Dear Acronis Community, please be aware that Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 is now available for existing and trial Customers on the website

Existing customers with current service contracts can use their license key to download the installer from the Acronis Access Advanced download page.


  • Added support for an optional Microsoft Office Online integration that enables file viewing and editing using Office Online from within the Web Client. Office Online supports DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. DOC, XLS and PPT files are also supported, but will ask to be converted to the newer format for editing. For on-premise installations, this feature requires that an Office Online Server is available. ASRV-357, ASRV-4714, ASRV-4664
  • New Office files can now be created in the Web Client, for editing with Office Online.
  • Added support for multi-select of items in the Web Client using item selection check boxes and shift, command/ctrl keyboard options. ASRV-4723, ASRV-353
  • Subfolders of existing Sync & Share shared folders can now be shared independently to separate audiences. ASRV-1635
  • Subfolders of root level Sync & Share folders can now be synced to the desktop client.
  • Added a mobile policy setting to initiate and require Acronis Access iOS app enrollment with Intune Mobile Application Management. This allows the Acronis Access iOS app to have Intune MAM applied, without requiring that the mobile device is managed by Intune MDM. ASRV-4510
  • During an upgrade installation, administrators will be notified if mandatory database migrations will increase the time it takes to perform the upgrade. ASRV-5269

Bug fixes:

  • Improved the reliability of desktop client sync.
  • Fixed an issue with folder sorting in the Web Client with Chinese characters. ASRV-4487
  • Miscellaneous localization fixes.
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