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Acronis Access: how to limit access to Mobile Access?

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We are using Acronis Access 7.02. I've completed the configuration of the Acronis Access Server and and it's working, users can setup the App by using the Enrollment Invitation e-mail or by manually entering the server adress and their AD credentials.
I have configured LDAP and in the Default Policy the use of a user's Home folder is setup.

Where do you configure which AD users you want to allow to use Mobile Access (or Acronis Access all together) ? right now every single AD user is able to use it, something we do not want.
I've got the idea i'm missing the LDAP Provisioning setting which is available in the Sync & Share section.

Where can i set which AD Group i want give access to the Mobile Access?

edit: already contacted support with this question, which is probably quicker.

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Hi Ray! Acronis Access Client Management allows policies to be assigned to Active Directory groups. Group policies will usually address most or all of your client management requirements.

If you don't like all or most of your users to receive the same policy settings, you should disable the Default group policy. If it' s enabled all users which are not members of a group policy and do not have an explicit user policy, will become members of the Default group. If you would like to deny a group of users access to Acronis Access management, ensure that they are not members of any configured group policies. As long as a user account does not match any group policies, they will be denied the ability to enroll in Acronis Access client management.

Please refer to the following web-help article for more details: