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Can the Admin user view ALL shared Folders people have created/shared? (Acronis Access Advance 7)

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As the Administrator of Acronis Access Advance 7, is it possible to get an overview of all the folders users have created within their Acronis Access account?

For example, if an employee of the organisation leaves and we need to access their Acronis Access folder, is this possible?

Other examples might be, the Administrator needs to share a folder someone else has created with another user.

I have searched high and low through support documents but couldn't find any information on this.


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Hi! The administrator can't view the Sync & Share projects of a user account. If a user account has been deleted from Access, then the content can be reassigned to another user or left alone to be purged automatically by the system according to the purging policies. This is covered in the "Deleted Users" section at