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Certificate error

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I'm currently trying the trail of Access Advanced on a Windows 2008R2 server, but I'm running into a problem.

I've installed access advanced and assigned a certificate (not self-signed), but in the mobile clients (iOS and android) a get the following error: "There was a problem browsing this folder. The Access Server certificate cannot be trusted, and may be self-signed." When I visit the configuration webpage I can see that the certificate is good, including the chain. In the debug log I see the following:

12:46:07.311: INFO WbSrv [0x00000FC0] [user] P2PezVolume::CallVFS curl_easy_perform fails: 35 - returning SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT [x.x.x.x:54266]
12:46:07.311: DEBUG WbSrv [0x00000FC0] [user] Returning Windows error code to client: (2148074277) SEC_E_UNTRUSTED_ROOT. [x.x.x.x:54266]

It is a certificate issued by Digicert and the windows server shows the certificate as ok.

What could be the problem? Thanks in advance,


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There are 4 types of mobile data sources (screenshot 1):

1) on the Gateway server
2) on another server (SMB / CIFC)
3) Acronis Access Sync & Share
4) SharePoint

What is the data source type you are experiencing the reported issue with?

2) If it is Acronis Access Sync & Share, then please make sure you've entered enter the full path to the server with the port number, e.g.: as described at (screenshot 2).

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Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for your response, adding the portnumber (:3000) fixed the certificate error.