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[RESOLVED] Error message when trying to login to a server on the IOS client

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I can successfully open the app, but when I try to access any data source, I get this message :

"Server and client versions do not match."

and it won't let me access the data source. It started 2-3 days ago. My server has not been upgraded neither the IOS App.

I am running version 6.1.0x165 on the server.

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Hello Francois,

welcome to our forum and thank you for your posting! 

I know that you have contacted our support team and want to share here the provided solution:

We need to ensure server/client compatibility. 

The web interface can be configured by selecting the gateway server and choosing “Edit”, then the “Advanced” tab and entering the desired version in the “Minimum iOS client” field. 

Once enabled, the users connecting to this Gateway will be required to have this or a later version of the Acronis iOS app.  

More information can be found here.

Thank you.