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Setting Parameters for all email templates?

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Brand new Acronis Access user here, and I've got what I hope is a very simple question:

When customizing email templates, I'm shown a list of available parameters I can modify, but the documentation doesn't say where I actually declare these parameters...

Is there some central file that's referenced?  Or do I need to declare them somehow in the body of the template?  If there's a central way to declare them (setting product_name to be WhateverName, for example), I'm hoping that will apply to all templates?

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hello Trevor,

You can use our APIs to customize email templates. Currently our API documentation is availible by selecting the “API” link at the footer on the Administartor IU. While we are not able to consult on how to apply the APIs to your project, if you hit a problem with one of the documented APIs, it's best to open a case with details and we can escalate it to Development to clarify or fix a bug with the API, if needed. 

To open support cases, you can use this link: